Difference between Goatskin Leather and Cowhide

Why is goatskin better against other animal leather products?

Leather is made out of any animal skin which gets chemically or mechanically processed. Genuine leather breathes and it has capabilities to absorb humidity. As per the estimate 65 percent of leather products are made from cow leather and 9 percent is from goat leather. Goatskin leather is known for its softness, lightweight features. It is also one of the most resilient leather found and it is naturally water resistant.

Characteristics of Goatskin leather

Normally, leather products are manufactured out of Goatskin leather or cowhide. Goatskin has more durability than cowhide. It is suppler and softer because of the presence of lanolin in the leather. It is also more durable than cowhide because it is water resistant. Goatskin is warm, breathable and it’s very comfortable on the skin.

Nowadays many big brands are using goat skins for making their bags. It is because the leather made up of goatskin is very soft and flexible. It is very strong and hard wearing which gives it a great quality to get converted into leather products. It is believed by the manufacturers that the goatskin leather is much thinner than cowhide and so it is very lightweight. Along with this quality, the look and feel of these goatskin leather products are something which makes it so much more attractive amongst customers.

The products manufactured out of goatskin are not as stiff as that made from cowhide. These products are quite easy to clean. As they are water resistant, they can be cleaned with a mild, pumice based soap, but should not be rubbed and once your bag is completely dry, for better performance you can apply leather conditioner so that your bag will last for ages. You should keep in mind not to store your leather bags under high humid conditions as they can grow mildew and near any chemicals.